Get started with Flowman

If you are new to Flowman, the following guides, tutorials and resources will get you off to a start. Flowman provides extensive documentation, tutorials and quickstart guides.

Download &

Set up Flowman locally or in Docker to scale up your data engineering.


A small quickstart guide will lead you through a simple example.


Step-by-step introduction for learning how to succeed with Flowman.


Streamline your development workflow by making most of  all Flowman tools.

Build your Flowman project

Once you have downloaded Flowman, these documentation and resources will help you to get more comfortable with Flowman and start your project.

Reference docs

The technical reference for Flowman configurations. 


Flowman is Open Source. Study the code on github


Request help by  creating an issue in github

Questions &

Find answers to common questions

Request a Demo

The simplest and most effective way to get a gentle introduction to Flowman is to book a demo given by Flowman’s creator Kaya Kupferschmidt. It’s free of charge!
Dr. Kaya Kupferschmidt

Dr. Kaya Kupferschmidt
Flowman Expert & Consultant

The simplest and most effective way to get a gentle introduction is to book a demo. During the demo you will learn the basic concepts and ideas of Flowman. An expert will explain all the details by implementing a small example from scratch, so you can follow every step. Of course you can ask any question to find out how your project would benefit from using Flowman.

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