Flowman at Smartclip


smartclip is a successful and growing company specialized for online video advertisement. More importantly, smartclip was one of the first companies implementing Flowman for their business critical core data pipelines. These are responsible for building the data foundation for both internal an external reporting. The amount of data processed every day at smartclip exceeds several terabytes each day. Therefore an efficient and scalable solution is much more than a consideration — it is business critical.

Why smartclip chose Flowman

smartclip chose Flowman for several reasons, the most important ones being:

  • Under the hood, Flowman uses t well known and proven analytics engine Apache Spark to execute all data transformations. This technology provides the scalability and efficiency required to process terabytes of data generated by smartclips ad-servers every day.
  • Flowmans declarative approach provided just the right level of abstraction to implement all complex data transformations. Therefore, data engineers can focus on the non-trivial business logic and can rely on Flowman to take care of all low level details.
  • Flowman is 100% open source. smartclip follows a remarkable strategy to allow only open source products and libraries to be used for building their services. This outstanding strategy ensures that the company and its developers always stay in full control of their tech stack.


After the decision has been made, smartclip became one of the most important sponsors of Flowman. Contracting the core developer Kaya Kupferschmidt enabled (the still ongoing) steady improvements and enhancements of Flowman. This commitment helped Flowman to grow and gain more users. Today, multiple companies in very different segments successfully use Flowman to implement their data transformations. Typical use cases include building data marts for reporting or extracting structured information in enterprise data likes.

Eventually it was smartclip were the idea of Flowman was born. You can read a complete article about how Flowman has become a central tool for handling data at smartclip.

Flowman 1.1.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Flowman 1.1.0. This release contains many small improvements and bugfixes. Flowman now finally supports

Flowman 1.0.0 released

Flowman version 1.0.0 has finally arrived. For several years, multiple companies are using Flowman in production as a robust and reliable solution