Flowman 0.26.0 released


The new version 0.26.0 of Flowman has been released. This version contains a lot of work with a strong focus on improving working with JDBC targets like MariaDB/MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL and Oracle. For example, column collations and comments are now correctly propagated into relational databases, changing the primary key is now supported and much more.

Also Spark 3.3 is now officially supported, albeit not much tested so far. Moreover many small bug fixes and enhancements help to make Flowman more robust and versatile.

Detailed Changes

  • github-202: Add support for Spark 3.3
  • github-203: [BUG] Resource dependencies for Hive should be case-insensitive
  • github-204: [BUG] Detect indirect dependencies in a chain of Hive views
  • github-207: [BUG] Build should not directly fail if inferring dirty status fails
  • github-209: [BUG] HiveViews should not trigger cascaded refresh during CREATE phase even when nothing is changed
  • github-211: Implement new hiveQuery relation
  • github-210: [BUG] HiveTables should be migrated if partition columns change
  • github-208: Implement JDBC hook for database based semaphores
  • github-212: [BUG] Hive views should not be migrated in RELAXED mode if only comments have changed
  • github-214: Update ImpalaJDBC driver to
  • github-144: Support changing primary key for JDBC relations
  • github-216: [BUG] Floats should be represented as FLOAT and not REAL in MySQL/MariaDB
  • github-217: Support collations for creating/migrating JDBC tables
  • github-218: [BUG] Postgres dialect should be used for Postgres JDBC URLs
  • github-219: [BUG] SchemaMapping should retain incoming comments
  • github-215: Support COLUMN STORE INDEX for MS SQL Server
  • github-182: Support column descriptions in JDBC relations (SQL Server / Azure SQL)
  • github-224: Support column descriptions for MariaDB / MySQL databases
  • github-223: Support column descriptions for Postgres database
  • github-205: Initial support Oracle DB via JDBC
  • github-225: [BUG] Staging schema should not have comments


As usual you can find the latest Flowman version at https://flowman.io/download/ and older downloads on the GitHub release page at https://github.com/dimajix/flowman/releases

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