Flowman 0.23.1 is now available!


We are happy to announce the new release 0.23.1 of Flowman. Since this is mainly a bugfix release, we encourage all users to upgrade soon.

Detailed Changes

  • github-154: Fix failing migration when PK requires change due to data type
  • github-156: Recreate indexes when data type of column changes
  • github-155: Project level configs are used outside job
  • github-157: Fix UPSERT operations for SQL Server
  • github-158: Improve non-nullability of primary key column
  • github-160: Use sensible defaults for default documenter
  • github-161: Improve schema caching during execution
  • github-162: ExpressionColumnCheck does not work when results contain NULL values
  • github-163: Implement new column length quality check

About Flowman

Flowman is a data build tool on top of Apache Spark which uses a declarative approach for specifying the full data flow including all sources, targets and transformation. Like usual, you can find the latest version of Flowman prebuilt for different Spark / Hadoop versions at https://flowman.io

Flowman 1.1.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Flowman 1.1.0. This release contains many small improvements and bugfixes. Flowman now finally supports

Flowman at Smartclip

smartclip is a successful and growing company specialized for online video advertisement. More importantly, smartclip was one of the first companies implementing