Download Flowman

Download the newest version of Flowman and get started quickly. Flowman distributions are hosted on GitHub, which are prebuilt for different Spark and Hadoop versions. Alternatively you can also run a Docker image, which gets you started quickly and serves well for as a local development tool.

In case your favorite Spark and Hadoop version is missing, feel free to contact us for support.

The possibly simplest way to get started with Flowman is to use Docker. The Flowman Docker image comes with all dependencies (like Spark and Hadoop) already installed, and you can immediately dive into the Flowman experince.

Get started with Flowman

If you are new to Flowman, the following guides, tutorials and resources will get you off to a start


Learn the fundamental ideas and concepts of Flowman.


A small quickstart guide will lead you through a simple example.


Step-by-step introduction for learning how to succeed with Flowman.


Streamline your development workflow by making most of  all Flowman tools.