Flowman 0.27.0 released

We are happy to announce a fresh and exciting release of Flowman. The focus of this release is again on improving JDBC support. In particular the following important features have been implemented New ‘ jdbcCommand’ target for executing arbitrary SQL statements for JDBC sinks Support direct SQL statements in JDBC relations for creating tables Upgrade […]

Flowman 0.26.0 released

The new version 0.26.0 of Flowman has been released. This version contains a lot of work with a strong focus on improving working with JDBC targets like MariaDB/MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL and Oracle. For example, column collations and comments are now correctly propagated into relational databases, changing the primary key is now […]

Flowman 0.25.0 Released

The new version 0.25.0 of Flowman has been released. This release contains a couple of smaller changes and fixes plus a new relation for creating and managing views in SQL databases, which are accessed via JDBC. This last addition strengthens Flowmans position in environments where data resides in classical relational databases instead of HDFS or […]

Flowman 0.24.0 released

The new version 0.24.0 of Flowman has been released. This release contains a YAML schema generator to provide an appropriate YAML/JSON schema for the code editor of your choice. By using this schema, you will benefit from better syntax validation and auto-complete features, for example in VS Code or IntelliJ. Moreover model documentation capabilities and […]

Flowman 0.22.0 has been released

The new version 0.22.0 of Flowman has been released. Among the new features is a a new documentation subsystem for automatically creating a reference documentation of the whole data flow and the final data model including data quality checks. Along with that feature comes the ability to publish execution and data quality metrics directly into […]

Flowman 0.21.0 has been released

The new version 0.21.0 of Flowman has been released. This release contains many smaller improvements and bugfixes. Detailed Changes Fix wrong dependencies in Swagger plugin Implement basic schema inference for local CSV files Implement new stack mapping Improve error messages of local CSV parser About Flowman Flowman is an open source data build tool on […]

Flowman 0.20.1 Released!

The new version 0.20.1 of Flowman has been released a couple of days ago. Among new featuresand bug fixes you will find support for merge operations for Delta Lake and JDBC targets. With this new output target you can finally implement incremental processing as required for example by CDC (Change Data Capture). In addition the […]