About us - dimajix

Flowman is primarily developed at dimajix, which is a small but growing company from   Frankfurt, Germany. dimajix is specialized in providing expertise in the area of Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning. Founded by Dr. Kaya Kupferschmidt, it has successfully supported many small and big companies in developing their Big Data strategy.

While working in these projects, we found similar challenges in many different companies, especially when building data processing applications with Apache Spark. This experience led to the development of Flowman as an Open Source alternative to custom Spark code in order to speed up development by providing a robust, flexible and powerful implementation of all the boiler plate code that would otherwise require significant development efforts within each project without adding much value to the core business of each company.

Today dimajix is strongly focused on bringing the Flowman experience to more projects to speed up successful adoption of Big Data approaches in even more companies.